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Why Stacking Silver Might Just Save You in the Apocalypse

stacking silver for the upcoming zombie apocalypse

A case for stacking silver

Throughout history, silver has been prized for its beauty, versatility and it’s usefulness as an exchange of value. From the legendary exploits of the Silver Surfer to the iconic imagery of pirates hoarding their plundered silver coins, there’s no denying that stacking silver adds style and sturdiness to events of whimsy or calamity. In a world where the only certainty seems to be uncertainty, your friends (and enemies) are preparing for the apocalypse.

While some stockpile canned goods and ammunition, others are stacking something a little shinier – silver. The age-old precious metal has always claimed a foundational role as a savior in the face of impending doom. But why silver, you ask? Let’s dive in. We’ll look at the reasons to buy silver from the amusing to the very practical reasons why stacking silver might just be your ticket to survival when the world as we know it goes g’bye bye.

  1. Barter Brilliance: Picture this: society has collapsed, and the economy as we know it is a distant memory. In this scenario, your collection of Bitcoin might not be worth a single byte, but that shiny silver coin in your hand? It’s suddenly the hottest currency on the block. When the grid goes down and cash becomes obsolete, silver becomes the ultimate bargaining chip. Need food, water, or even a makeshift shelter? Whip out some silver, and watch as your survival odds increase faster than you can say, “Apocalypse Now.”
  2. Zombie Deterrent: Forget about crossbows and chainsaws; silver might just be the distraction you need to lead away the undead horde. While there’s no scientific evidence to support silver’s efficacy to attract zombies, they are known to have a keen eye for shiny objects. What’s shinier than a stack of silver bars glinting in the moonlight? It might not be foolproof, but hey, desperate times call for creative measures.
  3. Post-Apocalyptic Bling: Let’s face it; just because the world is ending doesn’t mean you have to let your style suffer. Enter silver jewelry – the ultimate accessory for the discerning doomsday prepper. Whether it’s a pair of silver earrings to complement your makeshift armor or a chunky silver bracelet to assert your dominance in the wasteland, nothing says “I’m ready for the end of days” quite like a touch of silver sparkle.
  4. Silver Linings Playbook: In the midst of chaos and despair, sometimes all you need is a glimmer of hope. And what better way to find it than 10 ounce silver bars lined in the vest of your jacket. You might as well line your vest with silver instead of Kevlar – it’s just as effective and you won’t have to worry about carrying silver and Kevlar. Just make sure not to spend any of that silver…unless it’s on Kevlar inserts. You know what? This isn’t foolproof. Your mileage may vary.

While the idea of stacking silver to survive the zombie apocalypse seems absurd, light-hearted doesn’t mean ill-advised. We don’t know what could happen. If the grid goes out, or a natural disaster that overwhelms emergency services you need to already be prepared. “Experts” say you should have six months of savings in case of emergencies. I think you should have six months of everything accessible and close. Cash is a depreciating asset – silver is not. Plus, I can grab it at any time even if all the banks are closed.

You’re never going to be “ready” for the bad things that hit you – but if you have prepared – you can barter with bandits, distract the undead, or simply add a dash of flair to the end of the world. Silver just might be the unexpected hero you never knew you needed.

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