About us

Truly a Family Owned Business

The Coin Exchange of West Covina has been serving the the San Gabriel Valley collecting community for over 55 years.  Coin collecting is in our genes! A family owned business, the Coin Exchange of West Covina is your home base for finding great value on hard-to-find coins.  As an active coin dealer, we are always buying gold and silver coins. We are a full service coin shop buying and selling rare coins, silver coins, gold, platinum, palladium, sterling silver and more. 

This picture was taken way back in the olden days of the 1900’s. It’s not so dramatic, though – we think it was taken in 1998. David (right) had just gotten out of the Army a couple of years earlier. 
David’s pretty much running the store, now  which has been a long-held hope of Bill’s that David would take over when it time for retirement. “No worries, Dad.”
Though Bill is semi-retired, he is still very passionate about the coin business and comes in weekly to make sure things are running smooth.