The highlights for these tabs:

  • You probably do not need an "appraisal" if you just want to know about what your items are worth. We do "eyeball" evaluations free of charge.
  • If you do need a written appraisal for insurance, or for an estate, there is a cost. However, if we do buy the item(s) later, at least 50% of the appraisal fee is refunded.
  • We have appraised silver coins, gold coins, ancient coins, bullion, sterling silver, stamps, comic books, sports cards and more. 




An insurance company may use an appraisal to calculate the actual loss after a policyholder submits a claim. If you have items of special value, such as a coin collection, or a considerable amount of bullion, it is probably not a bad idea to obtain an appraisal to better support your claim, should the need arise.

Estate appraisal:

As an executor, you may be called upon to evaluate a particular collection so that it may be divided equitably. A written appraisal helps with that requirement hopefully to the satisfaction of the heirs. 

Asking for an appraisal is a very common way to ask "What are my items worth?" There are a few cases where an appraisal will be appropriate, but most of the time, you can receive an offer based on the value of your items, and that can be good enough. Whether you choose to sell, or not - just having an idea of what something is worth is good enough. Receiving an offer from us always free of charge. We make offers every day and in 60 years we've never charged for that service.




Cost for appraisal:

We charge $100 an hour for appraisals with a minimum of two hours. We will give you a eyeball estimate as to how long the written appraisal will take and we try to stick to that. In the event that we perform the appraisal and then end up buying the item(s), we will refund at least 50% of the appraisal fee.



Coin collection appraisals in the strictest confidence. Whether you need a written appraisal for an estate sale, insurance, or peace of mind – we will perform your appraisal with care and diligence.

We also give eye-ball appraisals and may even make you an offer to buy your coins.